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Engineering Culture

Engineering is all about innovation, it's not always about technical solutions to engineering problems a bad process can cause a project to go over budget, create outages, miss deadlines, etc. Instead of ignoring these let's figure out the root cause and an appropriate solution.

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Disaster Recovery

Let's face it everything fails at some point, the only way to plan to succeed is to plan on failure. Create a DRP to help ensure that even should your Jr engineer blow up your production database you can recover. Once you identify your strategy is you need to test it and regularly. I recommend every few months (at least) doing a full non production env teardown and rebuild with the minimum Recovery Objectives in mind: bring services back online and restore data.

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Even with all this "Cloud" technology that abstracts networking from you it still exists and if anything it has become increasingly harder to troubleshoot as you have less visibility into the problem. Let's identify the root cause and fix it whether it is indeed the network or not.

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Unless you understand what your applications are doing and how they work you can only protect it so much. I start with security at the application layer and work out way down to the servers, network, firewalls, etc which allows us to think of more effective methods of defeating these attacks.

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Digital Forensics

The preservation, collection, examination, and presentation of evidence in an acceptable method that will uphold in court. Do you have an employee that you think might be violating some company policies? We have experience in both covert as well as out in the open digital forensic investigations.   Learn more!
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